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Teaching CCRS Reading Foundational Skills

This free (with a login), self-paced, flexible, and interactive course is facilitated by Marn Frank, ATLAS Literacy & STAR Coordinator. It was created for Beginning and Intermediate ABE/ESL teachers, support staff, and volunteers who want to improve their understanding, testing, and teaching of beginning alphabetics and fluency. These two reading components are considered the Print Skills and align closely with Reading Standards: Foundational Skills (or RF) 1-4.

Course participants can:

  • Simply browse the course OR earn 3-6 CEUs by completing all or some units, activities, and a final assignment (negotiated with Marn)
  • Review reading research findings from a variety of adult literacy reports published between 2000-2013
  • Print and use informal tests, four lesson plans, related instructional tools, and lists of activities for improving RF 1-3 or beginning alphabetics skills
  • Print and use informal test materials, a lesson plan, and emergent or grade-leveled text for improving RF 4 or fluency skills
  • Review inspiring case studies from Minnesota ABE/ESL reading teachers about their beginning alphabetics and/or fluency instruction

NOTE: Once you’re on the website, log in or simply create a free account if you don’t have one. Then look for the above title within “Available Courses.”

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