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A New Opportunity: Using Standards to Enhance Speaking and Listening Instruction in ESL

This session grappled with how content standards help us to teach the vital speaking and listening skills our learners need; identified ways in which the CCRS Speaking and Listening standards and the TIF Effective Communication skills are already being addressed in ESL classrooms; and identified the ways we can use content standards to boost rigor in our classes and improve the oral language demanded of our learners in today’s world.

Academic Language & Skills Are Everybody’s Business in ABE!

This session demonstrated that academic language is used not only in school, but at work and in our communities. It is language that gives all learners access to opportunities. 

ACES 101 workshop

From 2014 ABE Summer Institute - Patsy Egan, Lia Conklin Olson, Astrid Liden

ACES for Volunteers (and relevant for part-time teachers!)

From 2014 Volunteer Management Conference - Mary Zamacona, Minnesota Literacy Council

ACES, TIF and Small Programs

From 2014 ABE Summer Institute - Rosemary Sharkey & Becky Smayling

ACING Critical Thinking Skills: Using the TIF with Low-Level Students

From 2014 ABE Summer Institute - Stephanie Sommers, Susanna Johnson

The Bachelor(ette) ACES Style!

From 2014 ABE Summer Institute - Lia Conklin Olson

Using ACES to Plan, Implement, and Evaluate Transitions-Minded Instruction

From 2016 ABE Summer Institute - Stephanie Sommers, Heather Turngren