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BADER Fluency

BADER Fluency includes graded passages for assessing and determining students’ Instructional Levels (typically, within a range of two, where they struggled with word accuracy, appropriate rate, and meaningful phrasing). Marn Frank has prepared a PDF document for presenting leveled passages, several paragraphs at a time. Note: Not all paragraphs or eight passages need to be presented.

Because ATLAS/Hamline University has limited copyright permission from Pearson Education, only MN ABE reading teachers can request this PDF document from ATLAS (the copyright protector); please contact Kristine Kelly for information.

Fluency Scoring Scale and Recording Form

This companion assessment form provides the 1-2-3 scale for scoring fluency, a place to record scores for the eight leveled passages, and guidance on selecting text level ranges for instruction: Fluency Scoring Scale and Recording Form