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The goal of ACES (Academic, Career & Employability Skills) is to support teachers in teaching the hard-to-define, yet make-or-break skills needed to succeed in the workplace, college, and community.

Transitions Integration Framework (TIF)

The Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) is the cornerstone of ACES, and it is one of three documents comprising the state-adopted content standards for Minnesota ABE. Visit the CCR Standards page to see how ACES fits into the broader content standards for ABE, including the College & Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRS).

The TIF was designed to provide ABE programs and instructors with guidance on the effective integration of transitions skills (also known as soft skills or professional skills) into instruction at all levels of ABE.

The TIF includes six categories of skills:

  1. Effective Communication
  2. Learning Strategies
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Self-Management
  5. Developing a Future Pathway
  6. Navigating Systems

Want more information on implementing the TIF in your own practice? Check out the ACES/Transitions resource library!

Online Courses

ACES Foundations

ACES Foundations is a free online course that provides a wonderful overview of ACES and how it can give teachers the tools they need to help students reach their goals.

Online Groups

ACES Networking Group - Schoology

This is an online networking community of practice using the Schoology platform, with a designated facilitator. The group was established as a place to share resources and ideas for integrating ACES/TIF (Transitions Integration Framework) in the classroom.

Study Circles

ACES Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

ACES professional learning communities (PLCs) provide teachers with the opportunity to examine their roles as adult educators in a “transitions” landscape; explore and practice integrating transitions (TIF) skills into their lessons, materials and instructional settings; and work collaboratively with colleagues to reflect on and develop their teaching practice.


Content Standards Integration (CSI) Cohort

The Content Standards Integration (CSI) Cohort is a 4-month professional development activity designed to help instructors build confidence and familiarity with integrating all three sets of MN ABE Content Standards into their curriculum and instruction.

New ACES Resources


Trello is an app used for collaboration and project management, allowing users to create virtual boards to manage their workflow, and then customize those boards by adding lists and cards. Users can also attach files, checklists, and comments to the cards, as well as sharing their boards. A student working on her Adult Diploma, for example, could create a board and share it with her teachers in order to get virtual feedback and support.

Transparency in Learning and Teaching in Higher Ed

Transparency is an important part of creating equitable learning environments in which all students can find success. The Transparency in Learning and Teaching in Higher Ed (TILT) website hosts a useful collection of resources to help teachers better understand what transparent assignments look like and how to start creating them.

Problem-Based Learning at University of Delaware

The Problem-Based Learning resource collection from the University of Delaware contains a variety of tools that teachers can use to begin implementing a problem-based learning approach in their classrooms, including evaluation tools, videos, and over 100 problem-based learning scenarios with lesson plans.

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