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New Reading Resources

Additional Comprehension Resources

ESL Literacy Readers offers 40 theme-based stories, a learner page, and a teacher's guide with ideas for reading activities and extensions. ESL Yes! offers 1600 stories intended for Beginning and Intermediate level ESL students, supplemented with audios and various kinds of exercises.

ESL and Reading Instruction

Check out the Reading in L2 section of the ESL Resource Library for information on reading instruction specifically targeted at ELLs (English Language Learners).

Center for Adult Literacy Text Library

An electronic library of over 1600 texts at grade levels 3.0-7.9. Users (teachers or learners) select from “easier, medium, or harder” stories and topics such as Health, Food, Babies, Children, Teenagers, Families, Advice, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Jobs & Work, Money, History, and Science.