Adult Career Pathways

Preparing learners for family-sustaining work is a big part of adult education! We teach transitions or “soft” skills, digital literacy, and of course basic skills such as reading, writing, math and language. All of these key skills are defined in our content standards documents, and they are further detailed in our CCR Standards and the ACES resource libraries. In addition, in ABE programs throughout the state, these skills are often embedded in a specific career pathway, building students’ skills while preparing them for specific career advancement at the same time.

To address the many challenges in designing, implementing and sustaining effective adult career pathway (ACP) programs and partnerships, ATLAS provides professional development and resources for ABE managers and practitioners who are developing or strengthening career pathways for their students.

Adult Career Pathways Resource Library

The cornerstone of our ACP offerings is the ACP resource library, providing over 50 (and growing!) vetted ACP curricula as well as a multitude of ACP program development tools. If you are teaching students in preparation for careers in healthcare, manufacturing, etc. – don’t recreate the wheel!  You can start with an ACP curriculum from this collection and tweak for your context.

Additional Opportunities

Professional development activities for Adult Career Pathways includes webinars and workshops at regional and statewide events on a variety of topics. Keep up with all things ACP-related by joining the ACP Networking group; details are below.

Online Groups

ACP Networking Group - Schoology

This online networking community of practice was established to connect administrators and instructors working on adult career pathways, and it serves as a forum for discussion among those working with ACPs statewide, as well as a hub for announcements, materials, and face-to-face event information.

Advisory Teams

Transitions PD Advisory Team

The Transitions Professional Development (PD) Advisory Team is an ATLAS-sponsored team designed to strengthen Adult Career Pathways (ACP) work in Minnesota ABE through relevant, meaningful, and effective professional development for ABE teachers and managers.

The Team is responsible for visioning and implementing a long-term strategic plan for Adult Career Pathways PD in Minnesota, as well as specific tasks yearly to support current and forthcoming PD efforts such as offerings around establishing partnerships with local colleges and employers, reaching out to Local Workforce Development Boards, and recruiting ACP students.

New Adult Career Pathways Resources

Building Strong Enrollments: Recruitment & Marketing for Adult Career Pathways – Webinar

Fourth in a series of five 2019-20 Minnesota ABE webinars on adult career pathways.  MN Dept. of Education staff and ABE professionals from across the state share best practices, successful models, lessons learned, plus tools and resources for your use locally. (1.5 hours)

Level 1 Interpreter Training Program

Level 1 is an introduction to the terminology used in the Level 2 bridge training called The Community Interpreter (also known in the field as a 40-hour training). Also includes familiarization with technology skills and academic skills that will be used in Level 3 college classes. An additional component is career preparation, including resume development and interview practice. || AUTHOR: Lisa Gibson, Karen Organization of Minnesota

Commercial Driver’s License Exam Prep Course

Students learn the laws, rules and regulations for being a commercial driver. The goal is to pass the state Commercial Driver’s License permit test in order to advance into a career pathway of being a truck or bus driver. || AUTHOR: Elizabeth Harner, SouthWest Metro Intermediate District 288
Adult Career Pathways

Adult Career Pathways Resource Library »

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Upcoming ABE Events

May 28, 2020 2:00 pm–3:30 pm

How to “IET” your Adult Career Pathway! Designing a Single Set of Learning Objectives for Integrated Education and Training (IET)


Registration Deadline: THU. 5/28/20 Got questions about ACPs and IETs?  Trying to draft a single set of learning objectives (SSLO) for your adult education + occupational training partnerships?  This webinar is for you!  Amy Dalsimer, a national leader in adult career pathway work, is… Learn More

May 29, 2020 2:00 pm–3:30 pm

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning: Virtual Instruction for Low Level ESL


Registration Deadline: FRI. 5/29/20 Join Patsy Egan, Andrea Echelberger, and special guests as they tackle the question that’s on the mind of Beginning Level ESL teachers everywhere: How do I do this? We all know that working with learners with limited English can be challenging inside of a… Learn More

June 2, 2020 10:00 am–11:30 am
Literacy Minnesota

Please Say That Again: Virtual Pronunciation Instruction for Adult ESL Learners


Registration Deadline: TUES. 6/2/20 It can be challenging to make yourself understood over the phone, even for native English speakers! In this webinar, learn about three different pronunciation features that can be taught and practiced during virtual video instruction. Participants will learn how the three features impact… Learn More