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Lindsey Pust

Numeracy & Special Projects Coordinator

Are you new to the world of adult education (ABE) and need some assistance in understanding how it all fits together, what your role is, and where you can find helpful resources and additional information? Or perhaps you simply need a refresher on some basics? If so, you are in the right place!

ATLAS offers professional development and resources to help you build your foundational knowledge of ABE.

Below you will find information on face-to-face workshops as well as the MN Adult Ed (ABE) Foundations online course hosted by ATLAS.

In addition, ATLAS houses an online library of FAQs with information on subjects such as:

  • Intro to Adult Education Students
  • MN Adult Secondary Credentials
  • MN Adult Education Model and Delivery System
  • MN Adult Education Policy & Accountability
  • Content Standards
  • MN Adult Education Professional Development
  • Volunteers
  • MN Adult Education Support Network

Be sure to also check out our Suggested Professional Development Pathways for professional development for Administrators, Non-Instructional Support Staff, Instructional Staff, Staff in Multiple Roles, and Volunteers. These suggested trainings are based on best practice, as all students deserve adult educators and staff that are well-trained and well-prepared for their work.

Online Courses

ABE Foundations Online Course

This free online course on the Canvas platform provides an introduction to the world of Adult Basic Education. Participants can complete the entire course or access specific topics for a refresher, and can earn 10 CEUs for successful completion of all lesson reviews in the course.

Webinar Series

ABE Foundations at a Distance: Webinar Series

What an interesting (!) time to be joining our field. Welcome! If you are new to the world of Adult Basic Education (ABE), then the online ABE Foundations course (see information above) is for you. But you are not alone! ATLAS is holding a series of 3 webinars to complement participation in the online course.


ABE Foundations Workshops

ATLAS works with Literacy Action Network to host face-to-face ABE Foundations workshops twice a year:

  1. As an 8.75-hour Pre-Conference session at the ABE Summer Institute, held each August in St. Cloud.
  2. As a shortened 3-hour session at the Support Services Conference, held each November in the Twin Cities.


Statewide Mentorship Experience

The Statewide Mentorship Experience is an initiative designed to support Minnesota Adult Ed professionals through a relevant, meaningful, and effective 12-week mentorship experience between mentors and mentees.  Mentors and mentees may be managers, coordinators, support staff or instructors who are looking to intentionally support and learn from peers in MN ABE programs.