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Lindsey Cermak

Numeracy Coordinator

ATLAS provides professional development around numeracy instruction that centers on implementation of the College & Career Readiness (CCR) Math Standards and preparing adult learners for the daily math demands of work, college, and community.

Math Instruction in Minnesota Adult Education

Both literacy and numeracy are critical skills for adults in order to fully engage in their communities. To further define the work of adult numeracy instruction for ABE and with the goal of achieving equitable math instruction for adult learners, the Minnesota Numeracy Instruction Advisory Team (MNI A-Team) holds that:

  • Every student at every level (literacy, language, math) deserves access to rigorous, high-quality math instruction.
  • Instruction at all literacy, language, and math proficiency levels can and should attend to math and numeracy development.
  • Intentional, focused programming can create a cohesive math experience for all learners.
  • Instruction in every classroom should be informed by growth mindset and incorporate strategies to reduce and prevent math anxiety in learners.

See the full MNI A-Team statement regarding math instruction in Minnesota ABE >>

Math Institute

The Math Institute is offered most years, generally in early fall. The current focus of this one-day conference is building coherence in math programming and instruction, based on the CCR Math Standards, Mathematical Practices, and Key Instructional Shifts (see the CCR Standards resource library for more information). Content also includes tenets of effective numeracy instruction to adults at all levels, as well as more advanced math content for those working on high school equivalency or adult diploma requirements.

MCTM Spring Conference

ATLAS has built a partnership with Minnesota’s math teachers’ professional organization, MCTM (Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics), and MinnMATYC (Minnesota Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges). The annual MCTM Spring Conference in Duluth is a statewide event for math educators in K-12 through college contexts; when funds are available, ATLAS provides scholarships for ABE practitioners across the state to attend, in addition to coordinating a core group of math practitioners to present at the conference.

Workshops and Webcasts

Webinars and regional event workshops are offered throughout the year to deepen practitioners’ math content and pedagogical knowledge around adult math instruction. In addition, two webcast series are archived for instructors’ viewing and use at any time: the Mathematical Practice series and the E-quip Math series, both described in more depth below.

Study Circles

Integrating Numeracy & Language Study Circle

The purpose of this study circle is to advance Minnesota Adult Education teachers’ ability to effectively and confidently integrate numeracy instruction into English language classes. It is appropriate for teachers of all levels of EL learners within MN Adult Ed, as teachers adapt tasks for their own levels and classrooms. Study circle participants explore relevant research and its implications for best practices in the classroom, as well as engaging in both at-home reading and reflective classroom tasks that inform and deepen discussions and allow for maximum professional growth.

Online Groups

MN Numeracy Instruction Networking Group - Schoology

Join this online networking community of practice on the Schoology platform! The group serves as a forum for discussion among math educators statewide, as well as a hub for webinar announcements and materials, resources, and face-to-face event information.

Webcast Series

Mathematical Practice Webcast Series

The purpose of this webcast series is to give adult educators a better sense of each of the 8 Mathematical Practices of the CCRS (College & Career Readiness Standards) and to suggest ways to encourage using the Practices with their students. Each webcast offers an explanation of the highlighted Practice as well as facilitation questions to ask students, sample activities at multiple levels, and classroom videos that demonstrate the Practice.

E-quip Math Series

Designed and facilitated by some of our most experienced numeracy leaders in MN Adult Ed, the archived E-quip math webinars have the dual purpose of providing 1) a math content refresher for teachers, and 2) related teaching strategies. Beyond each webinar, the E-quip series offers “pre-work” – readings and/or web activities that teachers can access in order to build their background knowledge before attending the webinar, as needed.

Advisory Teams

Minnesota Numeracy Instruction Advisory Team

The Minnesota Numeracy Instruction Advisory Team (MNI A-Team) is an ATLAS-sponsored team designed to strengthen math and numeracy teaching and learning in Minnesota ABE through relevant, meaningful, and effective professional development for practitioners.

The A-Team is responsible for visioning and implementing a long-term strategic plan for numeracy PD in Minnesota, as well as specific tasks yearly to support established PD efforts, such as the September ABE Math Institute, regional workshops, etc.

New Numeracy Resources

Rational Number Project: Fraction Operations and Initial Decimal Ideas

Free lessons from the Rational Number Project about fraction concepts: adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Understanding of decimals is introduced as well. Teacher's guide, worksheets and colored fraction templates included. These resources help develop conceptual understanding.

Rational Number Project: Initial Fraction Ideas

Free lessons about fractions: concept, equivalencies, ordering, adding and subtracting. Teacher's guide, worksheets and colored fraction templates included. These resources help develop conceptual understanding.

Getting Started with Effective Math Talk in the Classroom

Using mathematical discussions in the classroom is a powerful way to increase our students’ critical thinking and communication skills. This article explores ways to get your students thinking and communicating mathematically from the very first days of school. The article is written for K-12 teachers, but the language and strategies work well with adult learners.

Numeracy Resource Library »

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