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Project-Based Learning Resources

In this resource library you can learn more about project-based learning (PBL) and see sample projects contributed by local MN ABE practitioners.

Teaching Academic Writing to Adult English Learners

This PowerPoint shares the importance of teaching academic writing in the 21st century; report on a 2014-2015 survey of adult ESL writing instruction; briefly describe ten approaches that are better aligned with academic writing skill development; and conclude with references for exploration by ABE/ESL writing teachers.

ESL Yes!

This website offers 1600 FREE stories intended for Beginning and Intermediate level ESL students. Most of the stories have accompanying audios, and some provide two audio speeds: normal and slow. Many of the stories have vocabulary, cloze, scrambled sentences, crosswords, and dictation exercises.

ESL and Math

Need resources related to integrating math/numeracy into your ESL instruction? Check out the Language of Math section of the Numeracy resource library!