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Adult ESL Pronunciation Activities Videos

Find six different Pronunciation Classes videos that feature teachers delivering integrated pronunciation instruction in beginning and intermediate adult ESL classrooms. Some of the topics covered include word stress, intonation, and voice quality settings.

Baruch College: Tools for Clear Speech

"TfCS offers a variety of practice exercises and online resources for remote access. From individual English sounds to overarching features like intonation and stress, these exercises are an excellent way to preview, practice, and maintain what you learn." The tools are made to support learners taking classes at Baruch College, but anyone can access and learn from their excellent Tools to Go!

Clear English Corner with Keenyn Rhodes

This channel is dedicated to helping learners speak American English with clarity and confidence. Video resources are uploaded weekly. This channel is a great resources for learners, and can also be used by teachers as supplemental resources for class, and can help teachers gain a greater understanding of English pronunciation.

Give It a Go: Teaching Pronunciation to Adults

This interactive PDF resource provides "a brief and accessible overview of how pronunciation works in English, some explanations of the particular difficulties faced by learners from different backgrounds, and activities that teachers can use to help adult language learners to improve their pronunciation."

Pronunciation Pull-Out Kit

The Pronunciation Kit provides activity instructions for a wide variety of activities that focus on helping learners improve their pronunciation of English suprasegmentals (intonation, rhythm, stress, etc.). The activities in this kit can be used with low-beginning to advanced level English language learners.

Pronunciation Webinar 1: Voice Quality Settings

Learn how Voice Quality Settings (VQS) impact accent and pronunciation. Discover ideas for integrating VQS instruction into your classroom instruction and daily routines at any level.

Rachel’s English YouTube Channel

Americans speak fast and conversation can be hard! On this channel, unpack pronunciation features with videos on all aspects of spoken English – from dropped sounds and linked words to idioms, phrasal verbs, and conversation study. This channel is a great resource for learners! It can also be used by teachers as supplemental resources for class, and can help teachers gain a greater understanding of English pronunciation.

Sounds of English

Sounds of English is a collaboration by Holly Gray and Sharon Widmayer that they started to help their ESL students develop their pronunciation and speaking skills. The site has been expanded to include information about their past research and presentations, lessons and activities for ESL teachers, and more.

Ten ESL Activities to Teach Perfect Pronunciation and Get Mouths Moving

This article from the FluentU English Educator Blog provides ten activities for teachers to use when students have difficulty differentiating between two sounds (known as minimal pairs).

The Pronunciation Doctor YouTube Channel

Marsha Chan demonstrates how teachers can use multiple textbooks to improve language learners' pronunciation through a variety of techniques. Teachers will also find videos of professional development workshops on pronunciation instruction, and examples of adult ESL learners engaging in pronunciation activities in the classroom.

ThoughtCo How to Teach Pronunciation

This guide on how to teach pronunciation provides a short overview of the main issues to be addressed at each level, as well as pointing to resources on the site, such as lesson plans and activities, that you can use in class to help your students improve their English pronunciation skills. Following each level are a few suggestions for level-appropriate activities.

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