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Blended Learning Guide

From the New Readers Press website: "A valuable resource for instructors, this Blended Learning Guide is for teachers, tutors, and administrators who provide adult basic skills education and who wish to initiate or improve blended learning for their students."

COVID-19 Rapid Response Report from the Field – ProLiteracy

From the ProLiteracy website: "The report includes information gathered and compiled by members of the E-BAES Taskforce and EdTech Center staff that describes adult education’s response to the pandemic. Findings are intended to inform the field and offer useful suggestions from which adult education and literacy practitioners can benefit."

COVID 19 & Distance Education Schoology

Be sure to visit this Schoology group, whose purpose is to: 1) Centralize resources being shared around COVID-19 and its impact on Minnesota Adult Education programs, and 2) Facilitate the sharing of questions, resources, and ideas among MN Adult Ed practitioners, Support Network providers, and state staff.

COVID-19 Articles

To help you quickly and easily find newsletter articles related to teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, ATLAS has added a COVID-19 category on the MN ABE Connect website page. Find it at

Spring 2020 Webinars

On this Google document, you will find a list of informal Virtual Coffee Breaks and more formal webinars provided by ATLAS, in conjunction with our MN Adult Education Support Network colleagues, during spring 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the move from face-to-face teaching and professional development to online delivery. Included are links to the notes taken during the Virtual Coffee Breaks, as well as links to recordings of the more formal webinars.

Distance Learning (DL) – MN Adult Education

MN Adult Ed practitioners: Do you have questions about anything related to distance learning (DL) in the age of COVID? Literacy Minnesota's DL staff and consultants are available and eager to help you! Find information on their DL website,, or email them directly at