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Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE) – Hamline University

CGEE provides online classrooms activities, videos, and images for K-12 students that are adaptable for adult education. Many of these resources are focused on the watershed health of the Mississippi River and Lake Superior. Activities include interactive demonstrations of watersheds and more intentional action projects such as Adopt-a-Drain.

Carbon-14 Dating & Half-Life

Carbon-14 dating is a popular topic on the science GED. This resource provides a comprehensive lesson plan that explains the concept of half-life to students, with particular emphasis on how to read and interpret a decay curve graph.

The Scientific Method in Vaccine History

This selection of readings outlines the steps of the scientific method in the context of the history of vaccines. This resource is excellent for students practicing reading complex scientific texts and also is a way to introduce the scientific method to students. This selection of readings is part of a larger website documenting the history of vaccines. Included in this website is a timeline of vaccine history, a conversation about the ethics of vaccines, and common misconceptions about vaccines.