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National Geographic: Antibiotic Resistance is Beefing Up

This is a leveled reading for 3-12th grade and discusses the genetic resistance of bacteria and its impact on public health. The reading introduces the concept of genetic resistance, which is a common topic on the GED/HiSET exams.

National Geographic: The Mantle

This activity provides readings, and diagrams of the Earth's layers. It introduces relevant vocabulary and discusses how the major layers of the Earth differ from each other. This concept, which is commonly seen on the GED/HiSET, is a good introduction to larger discussion of plate tectonics.

Nature for New Minnesotans – Climate of Minnesota

This curriculum, piloted by Nature for New Minnesotans and University of Minnesota Extension, provides learners with an overview of Minnesota's climate and biomes. The unit was designed for adult EL learners that are low beginner-intermediate, and contains lessons with reading, speaking, and writing opportunities. The pre-experience lessons for this curriculum are developed for a visit to the Bell Museum, the state of Minnesota's natural history museum.

Nature for New Minnesotans – Fishing and Mercury Pollution: Public Health

This lesson provides reading, writing, and speaking opportunities for students to learn about mercury in fish and its impact on public health. With a focus on Minnesota, the lesson first asks students to share their own experiences with warnings around fish consumption. After reviewing vocabulary, a reading on the dangers of mercury is provided, as well as an online activity that uses the Minnesota Department of Health website to determine safe consumption limits for different groups of people. A hands-on extension activity is included to help students understand the phenomenon of bioaccumulation and biomagnification in fish.

Reading to Learn in Science

The Science Education Research Partnership has developed a number of strategies that facilitate reading science texts. This resource provides strategies for teachers prior to, during, and after reading a science text to maximize student understanding. These strategies come with examples for teachers to view and adapt for their own classrooms.

Suggested Question Stems & Frames for Close Reading

Use these CCRS reading question stems and frames to create text-dependent questions for use in close reading of texts. These stems and questions will also help prepare students for new NRS tests.

New Resources

Video #1: Why is DEI important in our Adult Education classrooms?

In this video, we start from the beginning and introduce the terms Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and what they mean for adult education.

TEST COURSE – Level 1 Interpreter Training Program

Career Field/Area: Human Services Adult Career Pathway: Community Interpreter NRS Levels Addressed: High Intermediate Basic Education Low Adult Secondary Education High Adult Secondary Education Part of an approved IET program? No Credentials the Course Prepares Students for: NONE Also Prepares Students for: Additional language interpreter training, then entering career field. Target…

Super Awesome Test Course

Career Field/Area: Healthcare Adult Career Pathway: CNA NRS Levels Addressed: Middle Intermediate Basic Education High Intermediate Basic Education Part of an approved IET program? IET: yes – approved FY23 Credentials the Course Prepares Students for: First Aid – CPR/AED – Bloodborne Pathogens Training Nursing Assistant Registered/Certified Nursing Assistant Also Prepares…

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July 22, 2024 6:30 pm–8:30 pm
Literacy Minnesota

Volunteer Core Training Module 2: Understanding Adult Learners


Registration Deadline: MON. 7/22/24 Participants develop their personal cultural awareness and learn how expectations around school culture shape how people teach and learn. Guiding principles for effectively delivering instruction to adults are also covered. Finally, participants increase their sensitivity to the challenges of learning English and developing literacy… Learn More

July 23, 2024 1:30 pm–2:30 pm
Minnesota Department of Education

HSE Testing Coffee Talk Series


Registration Deadline: Register up to the date of each Coffee Talk. This past year, we have added a new option to our testing services, making us a two-test state. We have had and continue to need help with connectivity issues, online proctoring, scheduling availability, student identifications, accommodation issues,… Learn More

August 6, 2024 10:00 am–12:00 pm
Literacy Minnesota

Racial Equity 101 Presented by Jimmie Heags


Registration Deadline: TUE. 8/6/24 Join presenter Jimmie Heags, Jr., MA, LSC, LPCC, LADC, ACS, for this session that exposes how race is defined and how racism impacts individuals and institutions. The session will provide learners with a framework for understanding and disrupting the attitudes and structures that perpetuate… Learn More