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  • “But what does that LOOK like?” Find Out at the YouTube Channel for Busy ABE Teachers!
“But what does that LOOK like?” Find Out at the YouTube Channel for Busy ABE Teachers!

“But what does that LOOK like?” Find Out at the YouTube Channel for Busy ABE Teachers!

Professional learning sounds great, but where to find the time? YouTube to the rescue! The MN ABE YouTube Channel is a free online professional development resource that Minnesota teachers can access at any time to discover new teaching techniques and classroom ideas that can be integrated into teachers’ own instructional practices.

On the MN ABE YouTube Channel (http://tinyurl.com/mnabepd), you’ll find a wealth of high quality classroom teaching examples, as well as archived professional development webinars created by experts in the ABE field. Many of these locally made videos have been noticed by our colleagues in other states and are used nationwide!

Some of the many playlists to explore on the YouTube channel include:

  • ESL
  • Evidence-Based Reading Instruction
  • CCRS in the ABE
  • Math/Numeracy Classroom
  • One Room Schoolhouse/Multilevel ABE
  • Pronunciation Instruction

Classroom Videos

ABE teachers strive to develop their instructional skills and techniques in order to best support their learners. How do we keep learning and growing as educators? For some teachers, it can be challenging to find time to attend conferences and conduct teaching observations on top of lesson planning, classroom instruction, and various administrative tasks. We have an answer for you! The MN ABE YouTube Channel is a free online professional development resource that can be accessed at any time to discover new teaching techniques and classroom ideas. Watch another instructor leading echo reading, teaching learning strategies, or helping students struggle with complex text. Learn how to incorporate effective routines in the 1-room schoolhouse, lead a number of the day activity, and more!

Webinar Recordings

In MN ABE, we know teaching schedules are all over the map! On the YouTube channel, we archive webinars so they can accessed anytime! Did you miss the last ACES webinar on integrating navigation into the classroom? Or are you a manager who was pulled away during part of that last MDE Web Chat? Were you wou helping a student in your drop-in lab during one of the One-Room Schoolhouse Webinars? No problem; you’ll find it here!

PD for You and Your Colleagues/Volunteers!

Are you in charge of a section of your next staff meeting on CCRS? Need a video to show a volunteer or new hire how to do an ESL phonics activity? We’ve got you covered! The videos and webinars on the YouTube channel offer a great way to show fellow ABE educators an element of instruction you’d like to highlight. They also are an excellent resource for prompting reflection and discussion about various aspects of teaching and learning in the ABE classroom.

For example, if you or your fellow teachers would like to improve their ability to teach pronunciation, check out our Pronunciation Instruction playlist! These six videos show professional teachers integrating pronunciation activities into content-based adult ESL lessons with a range of pronunciation features and language levels. Watch a video, then discuss how you could incorporate the featured activities into your own lessons and classroom routines. If you’re looking for questions and prompts to guide your conversation, you can find accompanying video observation forms and video discussion questions on the MN Literacy Council website at http://mnliteracy.org/classroomvideos.

There is so much to explore on the MN ABE PD YouTube channel! Please take a look, “like” our channel, and start using these videos so we can all grow as adult education professionals.

Andrea Echelberger ABE Professional Development Committee