Dev Ed/ABE Partnerships

Dev Ed and Adult Education Partnerships to Achieve Outstanding Student Outcomes

Welcome to the Dev Ed (Developmental Education) and ABE (Adult Basic Education) Partnership website. Its purpose is to provide resources and information primarily to Minnesota ABE practitioners, Minnesota State campus faculty, College and ABE administrators, state level administrators, and anyone with an interest in improving Developmental Education student outcomes. However, the resources may be of value to those outside of Minnesota, and all are welcome to visit and use the resources freely. All resources are licensed under Creative Commons CC by NC 4.0 International.

The notion of developmental education and adult educator practitioners working collaboratively is not all together new, but it has certainly gained interest and grown to new proportions when the Minnesota legislature (dating back to 2017) required each college in the Minnesota State system to develop strategies to increase dev ed course completion rates, increase student persistence, and streamline student time to credit-bearing course enrollment and program completion. The model which most impressively emerged soon after was the Dev Ed/Adult Basic Education (ABE) partnership. The model pairs Dev Ed and ABE instructors in dev ed and gateway courses. While their roles and responsibilities may differ from partnership to partnership, there is measurable and anecdotal data demonstrating benefits to students. And the model clearly has a strong connection to equity work.

This project originated out of northwestern Minnesota with funding coming from the Northwest ABE Transitions Region. It quickly gained statewide interest where others wanted to learn more about how successful partnerships worked. Thus began a series of activities over the course of a few years. And in the academic year 2022-2023, the project is being funded by the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota State system of universities and colleges.

Resources Available

Several helpful resources have been developed in service of the creation and support of Dev Ed/ABE partnerships; you will find links to these resources below.

Of particular note is the freely shareable Toolkit for Forming and Sustaining Dev Ed and ABE Partnerships: Enhancing Student Success, which provides ideas and resources for beginning a Developmental Education/Adult Basic Education (Dev Ed/ABE) partnership.

In addition to the toolkit, you will find a Study Guide, designed as a companion resource to the toolkit, for individuals and groups who want to launch or expand a Dev Ed/ABE partnership through the use of a Study Circle.

Please check out all the available resources on this site and watch for more to come during the academic year 2022-2023.


Toolkit for Forming and Sustaining Dev Ed and ABE Partnerships: Enhancing Student Success

A composite work of more than 24 Minnesota practitioners, this toolkit is a useful resource to help train and support campuses and Adult Education programs in a simplified, straightforward way, providing ideas and resources for beginning a Developmental Education/Adult Basic Education (Dev Ed/ABE) partnership, even if it begins with just one course.

Minnesota Dev Ed/ABE Partnership Affinity Group

Discussing, Sharing, and Enhancing Opportunities for Dev Ed and ABE Collaborations

Open to individuals from Minnesota Adult Ed/ABE and the Minnesota State system of colleges and universities, this affinity group brings together individuals who wish to share practices, strategies, knowledge, and resources for improving student success in developmental education via collaborative teaching models and partnerships between dev ed faculty and adult basic education (ABE) teachers. There are four virtual meetings per year.

TO JOIN: Email [email protected] and copy [email protected]

Study Circles

Dev Ed/ABE Partnership Study Circle

This study circle provides opportunities to connect research, successful partnership experience and practice, in the exploration and creation of a local Dev Ed/ABE partnership. Examples of ABE and college roles who might want to participate include ABE educators, campus faculty, college deans and administrators, ABE program leaders, regional directors, and anyone with Developmental Education reporting responsibility or who is charged with measuring outcomes.


Improving Student Dev Ed Outcomes through Highly Effective Partnerships with Adult Basic Education

This first-ever FREE, virtual Dev Ed/ABE Symposium took place on February 16, 2023. The event provided an opportunity for Minnesota dev ed and adult education practitioners to share and learn from one another about how Dev Ed/ABE partnerships are formed and sustained; how co-instruction works most successfully; as well as successes and challenges experienced by both sides of the partnership. Participants heard about evidence-based practices that have led to improved course pass rates, increased student confidence and persistence, and decreased time to credit-bearing courses.

NEW: Access the presenter materials and session recordings here!