Minnesota Dev Ed/ABE Partnership Affinity Group

The Affinity Group

The Minnesota Dev Ed/ABE Partnership Affinity Group brings together individuals who wish to share practices, strategies, knowledge, and resources for improving student success in developmental education via collaborative teaching models and partnerships between development education faculty and adult basic education teachers.

In the past few years, through the participation of over 80 Minnesota State faculty, Adult Basic Education (ABE) teachers, and program and college administrators, Minnesota can boast about their numerous highly remarkable partnerships between ABE practitioners and Minnesota State campuses delivering value to students and the programs that serve them. Dev Ed/ABE partnerships have been identified at most of the Minnesota State two-year colleges.

There are four virtual meetings per year, each offered at two different times to accommodate busy schedules. Come join your colleagues throughout the state for engaging conversation and to receive current information about the status of dev ed in the state.

Dev Ed/ABE Partnership Resources

The statewide Affinity Group has had a large part in creating awareness about the success of these partnerships and for the creation of valuable resources demonstrating highly successful and shareable practices.

Affinity Group Sponsorship

This group began in 2021, as a project of the Northwest Adult Education Transitions Region. In academic year 2022-2023, the work is being funded by the Minnesota Department of Education – ABE Unit and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, through an Innovation Grant.