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Life Science


The BEETLEs project is an excellent resource for activities, lessons, and curriculum that explore the natural world. Designed for K-12 and informal science spaces, content focuses on the natural world and how humans understand it.

Gender Inclusive Biology

This website is a collection of lesson materials, teaching guides, and other resources for biology teachers with a focus on gender inclusion as part of the Next Generation Science Standards. The audience is primarily K-12 teachers, but touches on many of the topics addressed GED and HSE science classes.

PhET – Biology

PhET provides a suite of free, online simulations in a variety of different science disciplines. There are also links to additional resources such as lesson plans and student worksheets. The Natural Selection simulation offers students an opportunity to explore concepts of evolution, natural selection, extinction, and the impact of genetic mutations on a population.

The Biology Corner

The Biology Corner is a resource site for introductory to more advanced levels in biology. Student handouts, quizzes, and PowerPoint presentations reinforce science concepts. Simple lab investigations give students the opportunity to observe, collect and analyze data, and draw conclusions, all skills for scientific thinking.

The Scientific Method in Vaccine History

This selection of readings outlines the steps of the scientific method in the context of the history of vaccines. This resource is excellent for students practicing reading complex scientific texts and also is a way to introduce the scientific method to students. This selection of readings is part of a larger website documenting the history of vaccines. Included in this website is a timeline of vaccine history, a conversation about the ethics of vaccines, and common misconceptions about vaccines.