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Earth & Space Science

Carbon-14 Dating & Half-Life Lesson

Carbon-14 dating is a popular topic on the science GED. This resource provides a comprehensive lesson plan that explains the concept of half-life to students, with particular emphasis on how to read and interpret a decay curve graph.

National Geographic Education – Earth Structure

This resource provides a series of readings, images, and interactives that focus on the structure of the earth.

National Geographic: The Mantle

This activity provides readings, and diagrams of the Earth's layers. It introduces relevant vocabulary and discusses how the major layers of the Earth differ from each other. This concept, which is commonly seen on the GED/HiSET, is a good introduction to larger discussion of plate tectonics.

USGS Water Cycle Image

The US Geological Survey (USGS) produces maps and tables that may be of use in classrooms. This diagram depicts the global water cycle and shows how human water use affects where water is stored, how it moves, and how clean it is. This diagram is available in English and Spanish.