Statewide Mentorship Experience

The Statewide Mentorship Experience is an initiative designed to support Minnesota Adult Ed professionals through a relevant, meaningful, and effective mentorship experience between mentors and mentees. Mentors and mentees may be managers, coordinators, support staff or instructors who are looking to intentionally support and learn from peers in MN ABE programs.

When teachers, managers, and support staff are well prepared for their work, everyone benefits! Research shows that adult students persist when they feel like they are in good hands and are making progress.


  • 12-week commitment
  • 1 virtual kickoff orientation
  • 6 mentor/mentee meetings
  • biweekly check-ins via Canvas
  • 15 CEUs and a $250 stipend for completion

Focused on results

Mentors and mentees work together to develop SMART goal(s)* around the mentee’s choice area of growth, and check-in periodically over a 12-week cycle.

* Examples of SMART goals:

Administrator Sample SMART Goal: By the end of this mentoring cycle I will review the class offerings, SID data, and student class requests and design a class schedule that more closely meets the needs of the students. This will be measured by administering a brief pre- and post- survey to a student sample and reviewing their feedback.

Instructor Sample SMART Goal: By the end of the 12-week mentoring cycle, I will find and utilize at least 3 standards-aligned resources from the ATLAS resource libraries or other professional resource libraries to address student learning needs identified from current TABE testing results.

Support Staff Sample SMART Goal: By the end of this 12-week mentoring cycle, I will be able to successfully administer computer-based tests for at least 12 students, troubleshoot any issues I encounter, and accurately report test scores in SID.

How to participate

During 2023-2024, ATLAS is piloting this initiative. Get more details in this article >>

  • Download the application from the Applications page on the ATLAS website to apply!
  • Deadline: September 15, 2023

During 2024-2025, we anticipate offering three separate entry points into the Statewide Mentorship Experience.