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TEST COURSE – Level 1 Interpreter Training Program

Career Field/Area: Human Services

Adult Career Pathway: Community Interpreter

NRS Levels Addressed:

  • High Intermediate Basic Education
  • Low Adult Secondary Education
  • High Adult Secondary Education

Part of an approved IET program? No

Credentials the Course Prepares Students for:

  • NONE

Also Prepares Students for: Additional language interpreter training, then entering career field.

Target Student Population: Immigrant/refugee students with at least high school level education and a first language other than English; strong verbal skills and confidence in their language abilities; may have previous interpreting experience.

Access Curriculum: View Materials

Additional Access Instructions/Links: No

Course Description: Level 1 is an introduction to the terminology used in the Level 2 bridge training called The Community Interpreter (also known in the field as a 40-hour training). Also includes familiarization with technology skills and academic skills that will be used in Level 3 college classes. An additional component is career preparation, including resume development and interview practice.

Duration: 9 sessions, 2.5 hours/session = 22.5 instructional hours

Curriculum Materials/Description: An outline of activities for each of the nine sessions; list of primary text resources; some teaching/learning materials.

Delivery Method(s):

  • In person
  • Hybrid (a combination of online and in-person instruction)

Curriculum Pluses: Aligned to ACES TIF (Transitions Integration Framework), Aligned to CCRS (College & Career Readiness Standards), Aligned to Northstar Digital Literacy Standards, Complete instructional materials/lesson plans included, Organization of materials is easy to follow, Easily modified for different contexts or levels.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Teacher guide/answer keys not included.

Additional Curriculum Notes: None

Author: Lisa Gibson, Karen Organization of Minnesota

Year Created: FY20

Year Updated: FY24


Lisa Gibson
Karen Organization of Minnesota
[email protected]
(651) 202-3135