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Strong Enrollments

What are common barriers to meeting enrollment goals in adult career pathway (ACP) courses? How can we identify, reach and attract the adult learners in our community who can benefit from the multiple supports for success that we provide in our ACP? What elements of programming - location, schedule, instructional practice, etc. - must we consider to ensure access for our target populations? How do we craft benefit messages rather than just provide program information for potential participants? How do we establish goals, plans and accountability among all organizational partners in an ACP collaboration? These tools and reference materials will help answer many of these questions and guide you in setting the foundation for best practices in adult career pathway programming.

Building Strong Enrollments – Guidelines & Examples plus Worksheet

A 7-step process that guides ABE programs and their partners to go beyond existing student populations and generic program flyers to instead be focused and strategic in building enrollments for adult career pathway programs.

Building Strong Enrollments: Recruitment & Marketing for Adult Career Pathways – Webinar

Fourth in a series of five 2019-20 Minnesota ABE webinars on adult career pathways.  MN Dept. of Education staff and ABE professionals from across the state share best practices, successful models, lessons learned, plus tools and resources for your use locally. (1.5 hours)

Career Path Graphics

These two-sided, colored, nicely designed and formatted graphic handouts are excellent examples of materials that illustrate the value of moving along a career path. Eight documents cover careers in construction, education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation, information technology and agriculture.

Career Pathways Toolkit: Element Three – Design Education and Training Programs

Element Three of the Toolkit provides useful guidance and tools to identify target populations, choose recruitment strategies, provide flexible delivery models, and more.

Enrollment Spreadsheets

These two spreadsheet templates with examples are helpful tools for meeting enrollment goals through shared effort of all adult career pathways (ACP) partner organizations, and for creating an enrollment plan that factors in realistic persistence/attrition rates at each step of the pathway program.

Healthcare ACP Promo Flyer – Example

An excellent example of a promotional flyer with key “benefit messages” to attract target participants; nice photos; a graphic explanation of the career pathways available; and clear next steps for anyone interested.

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