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ParaPro (Evenski-Glacial Lakes)

ParaPro introduces and prepares students for a position as a paraprofessional in an education setting.  Topics covered include: the role of the paraprofessional, communication, learning styles, professionalism, positive behavioral supports, and special education. A required distance learning component guides students in independent, self-paced online study to build the reading, writing and math knowledge/skills required on the ParaPro Exam.  This course was designed to be taught over Zoom. || AUTHOR: Joyce Evenski, Glacial Lakes ABE

ParaPro Prep

Course covers the academic topics tested on the official praxis exam - math, reading, and writing.  Develops knowledge regarding the types of jobs one can get as a paraprofessional, special education categories recognized in Minnesota, student data privacy, relationship building and behavior modification strategies, and professionalism in the workplace. || AUTHOR: Caroline Nerhus, Central MN-East ABE

Paraprofessional Preparation

For students interested in becoming paraprofessionals in school settings, with specific focus on preparation for work with deaf and hard of hearing learners. Includes a work-based experience. Prepares students for employment and for passing the ParaPro exam when they are ready. || AUTHOR: Krista Grosland, ThinkSelf Deaf Adult Education

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