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Building Basics: ESOL Toolkit for General Construction, Landscaping, Painting and Plumbing

Building Basics can be used in a school or community-based program with learners who have expressed a need and desire to learn English in the context of the building trades. The lessons may also be used in instructional settings within the workplace, e.g., contracting or landscaping companies.  Learning activities focus on job-specific vocabulary-building, conversation, workplace skills like schedule-reading, and more. || AUTHOR: Hillary Major, Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center

Carpentry Bridge

Covers basic soft skills and math skills necessary to be successful as a carpenter. Prepares students to actively participate in and complete the carpentry course offered by the local carpenters union. || AUTHOR: Linnea Lebens, Duluth Adult Education

Construction Trades Bridge Course

Designed for use in a correctional facility. Students in the course obtain an OSHA 10 certification, obtain an NCCER Introductory Craft Skills certification, and complete the mathematics Number Sense and Geometry components of the ADP.  Improved literacy skills are a primary focus throughout. || AUTHOR: Adam Kuehnel, Minnesota Department of Corrections

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