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Budgeting & Funding

What funds are needed to develop and deliver a collaborative adult career pathway (ACP) program? What are various federal, state and local sources of funds for ACP programming? How do I budget for course design and other aspects of a new ACP program? What are some success stories of other ABE programs in the U.S. in sustainable funding? These tools and reference materials will help answer many of these questions and guide you in setting the foundation for best practices in adult career pathway programming.

Budgeting Guidelines for ACP Course Development

This document is intended to give those budgeting for curriculum development projects some guidance in the tasks, time, and accompanying compensation involved in this critical and complex work.

Career Pathways Toolkit: Element Four – Identify Funding Needs and Sources

Element Four of the Toolkit provides useful guidance and tools to identify the costs associated with career pathway system and program development and operations; identify sources of funding available from partner agencies and related public and private resources and secure funding; and develop long-term sustainability plans with state or local partners.

Funding Career Pathways

This resource is a federal funding toolkit for state and local/regional career pathway partnerships. The toolkit aims to help partnerships understand key components and tasks involved in developing, implementing, and maintaining career pathway programs; and identify how federal resources can support these key components and tasks.

Minnesota Employment & Training Flowchart

This flowchart summarizes basic federal, state and local funding streams and administrative authority related to employment and training.

MN Dept. of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) – Competitive Grants

Postings include all outgoing grants and open-ended services. Each solicitation includes a brief description of work and a link to its Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Application (RFA). See especially Minnesota Job Skills Partnership grants.

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Curriculum Use and Sharing

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