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Practicing Reading & Writing Skills in English in the Workplace: High-Intermediate / Advanced Level

Develops skills and confidence in English reading and writing required in the learners’ current workplace. Reading comprehension focuses on charts, memos, and safety signs. Grammar practice includes prepositions, plurals and word order. Writing instruction builds skills in writing 5-sentence paragraphs and if-then statements. || AUTHOR: Mary Ellen Kavanaugh, MORE St. Paul

Practicing Speaking & Listening Skills in English in the Workplace: High-Beginning / Low-Intermediate Level

Develops skills and confidence in English speaking and listening, to improve communication in the current workplace.  Topics include time, giving and receiving instructions, asking for clarification, calling in late or sick, safety, and small talk.  Course was designed for and delivered at BIX Produce Co. || AUTHOR: Mary Ellen Kavanaugh, MORE St. Paul

Pre-Bridge Writing

Learners work with different genres of academic and workplace writing, applying writing standards throughout. These standards include: determining the purpose for a written communication; organizing and presenting written information in a way that serves the purpose; paying attention to the conventions of English language usage, including grammar, spelling, and sentence structure; and revising to enhance the effectiveness of written communication.  Part of the instructional content concerns the organization and content of various workplace documents. || AUTHOR: Oregon Pathways for Adult Basic Skills

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