Adult Career Pathways Resources

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Customer Service Occupational Prep

This course equips students with a basic understanding of good customer service, vocabulary used on the job, use of open-ended questions to ascertain customer needs, and methods for handling customer complaints.

Integrated English and Customer Service Training

This course will prepare students to work in customer service jobs or enter more advanced retail career education training. Students will learn basic job search and on-the-job skills. Students will also gain knowledge of customer service and retail job-specific skills such as working with customers and following workplace procedures.

Retail Literacy

Students develop vocabulary, math, practical work skills and soft skills for employment in department stores, supermarkets and restaurants. In addition, students develop a job search portfolio and practice job interviews.

Adult Career Pathways Glossary

Confused about Adult Career Pathways and transitions terminology? You’re not alone! See this handy ACP glossary.