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English for Healthcare

Students learn vocabulary, writing, reading, speaking and listening skills necessary for work in the healthcare industry. Transition skills and digital literacy necessary for workplace success are integrated. || AUTHOR: Carlene Lyons, Minneapolis Adult Education

Fit 4 Healthcare / Foundational Skills in Healthcare

A foundational training designed to inform participants about the healthcare sector.  A job fair with healthcare providers is held as a culminating event. Participants earn First Aid and CPR certification.  The course provides basic skills necessary to obtain a position in the healthcare sector and increases knowledge of medical terminology and healthcare-related skills. || AUTHOR: Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy, Penn State College of Education

Reading Skills for Healthcare Workers – CNA Training

Not designed as a course, but as a reading resource for a healthcare career pathway. Designed for online independent study, learners can choose from 175 2-page stories organized by reading level. Focus is on high utility academic vocabulary and healthcare content vocabulary. || AUTHOR: Kristine Kelly, for Southwest ABE – Marshall Region

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