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Single Set of Learning Objectives (SSLO)

An Integrated Education and Training program (IET) must have a Single Set of Learning Objectives (SSLO), which identifies specific adult education content, workforce preparation activities, and workforce training competencies that facilitate the contextualization of basic skills and workforce preparation into training skills. These components align with the three required components of an IET program: Adult Education & Literacy, Workforce Preparation, and Workforce Training. SSLOs should clearly articulate what learners will know and be able to do after successful completion of the IET program. The resources posted here will help you understand what SSLOs are and how you can create effective ones for your IET program.

IET Single Set of Learning Objectives (SSLO) – Template

An integrated education and training program (IET) has a single set of learning objectives (SSLO) that facilitates the contextualization of basic skills and workforce preparation into training skills.

SSLOs identify:

  1. specific adult education content;
  2. workforce preparation activities; and
  3. workforce training competencies,

and the program activities are organized to function cooperatively.

However, developing these objectives is not easy! Use this template, which includes ParaPro and Manufacturing practice examples, as a resource to create your own SSLOs:

NOTE: You will be prompted to make your own copy of the document. If you have trouble with the document, feel free to download a Word version here.

Designing IET Programs: The Single Set of Learning Objectives

Join us to explore approaches and strategies for the planning integrated education and training programs! This webinar will focus on an overview of the IET design process and creating standards-based IET curricula with a Single Set of Learning Objectives (SSLO). Guest presenters KayLynn Hamilton, M.Ed. and Blaire Willson Toso, Ph.D. will guide us through the process of creating SSLOs for your IET.

Developing a Single Set of Shared Learning Objectives for Integrated Education and Training – Webinar and Worksheet

An introduction to the elements needed for successful team teaching and, specifically, the development of a single set of integrated learning objectives to guide instruction. IET administrators, ESL instructors and workforce training (CTE) teachers explore approaches and strategies for the planning and successful implementation of integrated programs.

My SSLO Story

SSLOs - that irksome but oh-so-important Single Set of Learning Objectives - emerge in programs in their own way! Join us to hear about various programs' SSLO journeys, and how they finally landed on SSLOs worthy of the great teaching and learning happening at their sites. Panelists include ABE colleagues from Moose Lake DOC, Sauk Rapids (Hillside Adult Education), and the International Institute.

Planning for Your IET Roadtrip: Real Talk about SSLOs

Ever driven with your family across the country? Did you have that “Ok, here’s how it’s gonna be, kids…” pre-road trip family meeting? In this session, we apply the same principle to planning for an IET. Join us as we get real about the perceived ‘roadblock’ of SSLOs (single set of learning objectives). Those pesky SSLOs may actually be the thing that makes your IET destination possible and the journey more pleasant, for everyone!

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