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The WIOA definition of adult career pathways includes counseling to support an individual in achieving the individual’s education and career goals. Successful career pathway programs include navigation as a crucial part of counseling services. What are likely stumbling blocks for the ACP participant in staying on the pathway and succeeding at each step? How can they be supported in the move from one institution (e.g., ABE) to the next (e.g., community or technical college). What information and assistance do they need in registration, financial aid applications, and other required steps in unfamiliar systems. These tools and reference materials will help guide programs in defining and establishing effective navigation services.

College and Career Readiness: A Guide for Navigators

Constancia Warren et. al., FHI 360, September 2018 This guide identifies action steps that learners can take to achieve their college and career goals. The knowledge and skills outlined in it are specific and teachable.  The guide is divided into three sections, each of which corresponds to one of the…

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