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Fit 4 Healthcare / Foundational Skills in Healthcare

Career Field:  Healthcare

Adult Career Pathway:  Healthcare – general

Type:  Integrated education and training (IET) / Basic Skills

Prepares Students for:  Consideration of careers in healthcare

Target Student Population: Educational functioning level of high intermediate ABE

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description:  A foundational training designed to inform participants about the healthcare sector.  A job fair with healthcare providers is held as a culminating event. Participants earn First Aid and CPR certification.  The course provides basic skills necessary to obtain a position in the healthcare sector and increases knowledge of medical terminology and healthcare-related skills.

Duration:  12 hours basic skills training + 30 hours workforce preparation/soft skills + 32 hours occupational training

Curriculum Materials: Eight detailed lesson plans, CCRS-aligned, with links to instructional materials, reference to specific pages of copyrighted instructional materials, plus five instructional items in the packet.

Curriculum Pluses:  Qualifies as IET (in conjunction with job search and computer skill sessions provided by a Workforce partner).  Detailed lesson plans follow best practice in IET and are CCRS-aligned.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Some lesson materials are drawn from copyrighted materials that an ABE program may not have; others are Pennsylvania-specific and will need to be modified for use in a Minnesota context.

Author:  Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy, Penn State College of Education

Created:  2017


Carol Clymer
Penn State University