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Customer Service Occupational Prep

Career Field: Retail / Hospitality

Adult Career Pathway: Customer Service

Type: ABE occupational preparation course

Prepares Students for: Employment in entry-level customer service in variety of fields

Target Student Population: ESL students CASAS 215-236; ABE students TABE 5.0+

Access Curriculum:

Course Description: This course equips students with a basic understanding of good customer service, vocabulary used on the job, use of open-ended questions to ascertain customer needs, and methods for handling customer complaints. Students integrate their own reflections on positive and negative customer service they have experienced. They work toward goals to improve keyboarding skills. Finally, they explore customer service careers and participate in a mock interview.

Duration: 9 weeks, 5 days a week, 1 hour a day = 45 total hours of instruction

Curriculum Description: This is a complete and detailed curriculum that includes everything needed to teach the course. Includes course outline, weekly teacher guide and student handouts. Materials include vocabulary practice, how-to documents for various customer service skills, and a variety of student learning activities, along with teacher keys. Activities and occasional quizzes provide assessment of students’ fulfillment of course objectives.

Curriculum Pluses: Complete and very organized. Easy for any instructor to use with little need for developing additional materials or activities. No textbook required; all materials are provided as student handouts. Some consistent activities – e.g., weekly vocabulary sheets – along with a variety of individual, pair, small group and full group activities.

Curriculum Drawbacks: None

Author: Heather Turngren, Minneapolis Adult Education

Published: 2014


Anthony Williams
Minneapolis ABE
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