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Retail Literacy

Career Field: Retail / Hospitality

Adult Career Pathway: Retail / customer service (general)

Type: On-ramp

Prepares Students for: Retail customer service course (CASAS 221+) and entry-level retail-based jobs

Target Student Population: ELLs, CASAS Reading 195-220

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Course Description: Students develop vocabulary, math, practical work skills and soft skills for employment in department stores, supermarkets and restaurants. In addition, students develop a job search portfolio and practice job interviews.

Duration: 8 weeks, 5 days/week, 2 hours/day = 80 hours of instruction

Curriculum Description: Four two-week units, each culminating in a hands-on activity to demonstrate skills; a unit test; and interview practice. Each Dropbox unit folder includes student learning goals, vocabulary list, a variety of learning materials, unit exam and teacher guide to culminating activity. Heinle Picture Dictionary and Workbook are used to build additional relevant vocabulary for each of the retail settings. Order of units is flexible and may be used independent of entire curriculum.

Curriculum Pluses: Learning materials are at appropriate level and develop language and math skills along with job skills. Activities are highly engaging. Assessments include both paper-based unit exams and hands-on culminating activities.

Curriculum Drawbacks: No unit outlines, so sequencing of learning activities is unclear. Minimal student technology use is apparent. Some images have been removed from documents due to copyright issues; requires instructor to insert new images or use realia in place of pictures.

Author: Laura Rutmanis, St. Paul ABE

Published: 2015


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