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Practicing Reading & Writing Skills in English in the Workplace: High-Intermediate / Advanced Level

Career Field:  General

Adult Career Pathway:  General / Multi-pathway (originally designed for food production workers)

Type: Incumbent worker training

Prepares Students for:  Improved communication skills and greater confidence in the workplace

Target Student Population: High-Intermediate ESL & Advanced ESL (CCRS levels C & D):

  • High-Intermediate = NRS ESL 5, CASAS Life & Work 211-220
  • Advanced = NRS ESL 6, CASAS Life & Work 221-235

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description:  Develops skills and confidence in English reading and writing required in the learners’ current workplace.  Reading comprehension focuses on charts, memos, and safety signs.  Grammar practice includes prepositions, plurals and word order.  Writing instruction builds skills in writing 5-sentence paragraphs and if-then statements. Course was designed for and delivered at BIX Produce Co.

Duration:  6 class sessions, 2 hours/class = 12 hours of instruction

Curriculum Materials: Weekly lesson plans include objectives, list of instructional materials and outline of class activities.  Materials are drawn from various copyrighted textbooks and other sources.  All materials are organized in weekly folders in Google Drive.  Note:  Curriculum also uses authentic materials from the workplace, but these are not included here (permission not granted by company).

Curriculum Pluses:  Addresses key reading and writing skills needed in the workplace.  Generic so that it can be customized to any workplace by using authentic workplace materials.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Scans of copyrighted materials may not be used by other ABE programs unless they own the textbooks.  Grammar activities not contextualized to the specific workplace.  Authentic workplace materials not included.

Author:  Mary Ellen Kavanaugh, MORE St. Paul

Created:  2019


Laura Kim-Lowe
MORE, St. Paul, MN
[email protected]