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Carpentry Bridge

Career Field:  Technical, Trades

Adult Career Pathway:  Carpentry

Type:  Bridge

Prepares Students to:

  • Get a job: carpenter
  • Other: Enables students to be accepted into the Local Carpenters Union

Target Student Population: TABE score 8.0 or above in reading, 6.0 or above in math, GED, U.S. Citizen

Duration of Course: 5 hrs/session, 4 sessions/week, 1 week for course = 20 total instructional hours

Access Curriculum: View Materials

Course Description:  This course covers the basic soft and math skills necessary to be successful as a carpenter. The bridge prepares students to actively participate and complete the carpentry course offered by the local Carpenters Union.

Curriculum Description: The curriculum is laid out daily including lesson plans and all necessary worksheets.

Textbook(s): None

Primary Online Sources of Course Material: Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment – https://www.digitalliteracyassessment.org/

Supplies and Equipment: Unifix cubes, graph paper, colored pencils/markers/crayons, computer, projector, laptops or Chromebook, random rectangular prisms and cubes, tape measures or rulers

Program Costs: None

Individual Student Fees: None

Instructor Qualifications: Comfort with decimals, fractions and geometry

Curriculum Author: Linnea Lebens, Duluth Adult Education, with adapted materials from Elizabeth Andress at St. Paul ABE

Year Created: 2018


Linnea Lebens
Duluth Adult Education