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Paraprofessional Preparation

Career Field: Education

Adult Career Pathway: Education Paraprofessional

Type: Employment / exam preparation course

Prepares Students for:

  • Passing score on ParaPro Assessment exam
  • Employment at Metro Deaf School or another area school

Target Student Population: ESL Level 5+, ABE Level 3+; CASAS 211+, TABE 4+; fluent in American Sign Language (ASL)

Access Curriculum: View Materials

Course Description: For students interested in becoming paraprofessionals in school settings, with specific focus on preparation for work with deaf and hard of hearing learners. Prepares students for employment and for passing the ParaPro exam when they are ready. May be taught in an individualized study format, or offered as leveled workshops covering different topics and to different extents depending on student needs.

Duration: To be determined (one to two semesters), based on student levels, necessary content to promote success.

Curriculum Description: Lesson plans and teaching materials are organized in Google drive. Lessons require little/no preparation and include teaching guidelines. Adaptations can be made by the teacher as they wish. (Some course objectives do not yet have lesson plans.)

Curriculum Pluses: Well-organized, with helpful course overview documents to make sense of the whole. Lesson plans follow the recommended format for strong standards alignment and include detailed teacher instructions for guiding the lesson.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Five units are included; three are not yet developed. Few ABE-specific instructional materials are provided.

Author: Krista Grosland, ThinkSelf Deaf Adult Education

Published: 2018


Sarah Hoggard
ThinkSelf Deaf Adult Education
[email protected]