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ParaPro (Evenski-Glacial Lakes)

Career Field:  Education

Adult Career Pathway:  Paraprofessional

Type:  Exam prep, employment prep

Prepares Students for:  Employment as a paraprofessional; success on the ParaPro Exam

Target Student Population:  CASAS 221+ and TABE 519+ or G.E. 5.0

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description:  ParaPro introduces and prepares students for a position as a paraprofessional in an education setting.  Topics covered include: the role of the paraprofessional, communication, learning styles, professionalism, positive behavioral supports, and special education. A required distance learning component guides students in independent, self-paced online study to build the reading, writing and math knowledge/skills required on the ParaPro Exam.  This course was designed to be taught over Zoom.

Duration:  7 class sessions of 3 hours each, plus 3 hours of required distance learning each week = 42 hours total

Curriculum Materials:  Google Slide presentations, handouts, homework assignments, ParaPro practice exam

Curriculum Pluses:  Curriculum covers the basic information a paraprofessional needs to know to work successfully in a classroom.  Extensive and varied teaching materials provided.  Includes links to ParaPro practice tests and a paper copy of the test for students to take.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Direct instruction does not include practice in reading, writing or math needed to pass the ParaPro exam (these are covered in the distance learning component).

Author:  Joyce Evenski, Glacial Lakes ABE

Created:  2020


Joyce Evenski, Glacial Lakes ABE
2 Century Avenue SE, Hutchinson, MN 55350
612-709-1021 / evenski1957@gmail.com