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ParaPro Prep

Career Field: Education

Adult Career Pathway: Paraprofessional in K-12 schools

Type: Exam and job prep

Prepares Students for: 

  • Success on Praxis Para Pro exam
  • A job as Paraprofessional / Educational Assistant / Instructional Assistant in an educational setting
    (Note: not all school districts require the official praxis para pro certification to be employed as a para or instructional assistant. Some districts require 60 college credits or the praxis certification.)

Target Student Population: High Level ESL, GED and Adult Diploma students, incumbent workers; ABE NRS level 3+ in Math and Reading

Access Curriculum: View Materials

Course Description: Course covers the academic topics tested on the official praxis exam – math, reading, and writing.  Develops knowledge about the types of jobs one can get as a paraprofessional, special education categories recognized in Minnesota, student data privacy, relationship building and behavior modification strategies, and professionalism in the workplace. Also builds digital literacy skills, specifically use of Google Docs.

Duration: 3 hours/session, 2 sessions/week, 8 weeks/course = 48 total instructional hours

Curriculum Materials: Syllabus, daily lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations on variety of topics, resources grouped into folders based on topics.  Organized in Google Drive folders.

Curriculum Pluses:  Daily lesson plans provide helpful guidance.  Materials available on wide variety of math and reading topics.  Flexibility in scope and sequence allows instructor to address topics most needed by each group of learners.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  No scope and sequence to guide the order of topics.  Instructional hours may be insufficient to build competency in so many topics.

Author: Caroline Nerhus, Coordinator for Central MN-East ABE and Regional Transitions Coordinator for Mid-Central MN

Created: 2017


Caroline Nerhus
Coordinator for Central MN-East ABE
625 Main St. N., Cambridge, MN 55008
763-689-6228 / [email protected]