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e-Advanced Alphabetics

This electronic, screen-shareable resource includes Google slide sets (in PDF format) for remotely teaching compound words, common suffixes, common prefixes, and related word families. e-Advanced Alphabetics:

  • Offers a flexible sequence – meaning, users can start with any slide set, teach any words, and assign any activities.
  • Provides clear descriptions of a compound, suffix, prefix, and how they can change word meaning, usage, spelling, and/or pronunciation.
  • Follows the explicit instruction model and moves from teacher explanation to modeling to guided practice and then student application of taught word skills.
  • Scaffolds from more familiar or basic to less familiar or academic words and with chunking, meanings, examples, or synonyms to without.
  • Concludes with activities for matching words and simple meanings, sentence combining, or write to read paragraphs that can be completed individually or in small or large groups.

Looking for ideas?

The author, Marn Frank, and several Minnesota STAR-trained teachers have compiled a helpful list of Ideas for Using e-Advanced Alphabetics Slide Sets.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Kristine Kelly.