Kristine Kelly

Literacy & ELA Coordinator

Kristine holds an MAEd from Hamline University with concentrations in reading and alternative education, as well as a B.S. in English and a B.A. in Russian Studies from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Over her more than 20 years in Minnesota Adult Basic Education (ABE), she has worked with both Metro South and Robbinsdale ABE in the areas of GED, adult and under-21 diploma, and postsecondary transitions. She is a frequent literacy presenter at the program, regional, and state levels and works closely with ABE leadership on implementation of the Minnesota Standard Adult High School Diploma. Recently, she has been consulting on workplace literacy projects, overseeing the development of large online curriculum projects, and partnering with numerous software and publishing companies to align instructional material to the CCRS (College and Career Readiness Standards).

As the ATLAS Literacy & ELA (English Language Arts) Coordinator, Kristine coordinates the Minnesota CCRS Implementation Cohort and serves as the lead for implementation of the CCR ELA standards specifically. She also presents frequently at Minnesota ABE regional and statewide events, researches and identifies resources for adult writing instruction, and is an active member of the Language & Literacy Advisory Team.


Kristine Kelly

Contact Kristine for:

  • CCRS (College & Career Readiness Standards) Cohort
  • CCRS Foundations online course
  • CCRS English Language Arts & Literacy (ELA) questions
  • General CCRS questions
  • Adult Diploma