Language & Literacy Advisory Team

The Language & Literacy Advisory Team (LLATé) is an ATLAS-sponsored team designed to strengthen language, reading, and writing instruction in Minnesota through relevant, meaningful, and effective professional development for practitioners.

The L&L Advisory team (LLATé) consists of the ATLAS Director, the MDE PD Specialist, the ATLAS Literacy Coordinators, an ESL Study Circle facilitator, an MLC Volunteer Trainer, and additional practitioners from various levels of instruction (CCRS A-E). This Advisory Team will provide input, guidance, and content knowledge for the state’s PD around language, reading, and writing instruction.

The Advisory Team is responsible for visioning and implementing a long-term strategic plan for language and literacy professional development (PD) in Minnesota, as well as completing specific tasks yearly to support established PD efforts, such as the January Language & Literacy Institute.

Expectations for LLATé members:

  • Commit to serve a 2-year term on the Team
  • Participate in two full-day planning meetings yearly
  • Participate in two ½-day meetings yearly
  • Participate in up to 3 conference calls or web meetings if needed
  • Respond to electronic requests for input/feedback in a timely manner (within 1-2 business days)
  • Attend and assist as needed at the Language & Literacy Institute (late January)
  • Bring local/regional PD needs to the committee
  • Share PD information & resources with practitioners in their program/region
  • Attend Language & Literacy PD as able to inform the group and provide insights toward our goals. Such events may be related to reading, writing, language acquisition, secondary credential literacy work, Career & College Readiness Standards for English Language Arts, etc.

Program representatives will receive the following through ATLAS (if eligible*):

  • A stipend of $350/year in recognition of work on the committee
  • Reimbursement for mileage if traveling more than 100 miles round trip to attend
  • Reimbursement for lodging if needed; the cost for meals will be reimbursed at the state levels if attendance requires overnight stay
  • Sub reimbursement for meeting dates, as negotiated with ATLAS (contact Patsy if you’d like to pursue)
  • Lunch provided on full-day meeting days
  • CEUs for meetings

Note: As a state grant, ATLAS is not permitted to pay or reimburse any state employee, including Minnesota State System and DOC staff.

LLATé will be looking for new members in 2021, once our current members’ terms have ended.

See the 2019 LLATé Application Form for additional information.

Please direct any questions to Kristine Kelly, .