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Minnesota Association of Workforce Boards (MAWB) Website

MAWB represents the cooperative efforts of 16 area workforce development boards across the state. The MAWB website is the go-to online source for regional and local workforce development board plans, WIOA resources, the Governor’s workforce development board, and much more. – ELA

This site hosts resources in all content areas, including English Language Arts. Some of the materials are taken from K-12, but they are all framed and explored in the context of adult education classrooms. The site is divided into four main parts: 1. Resource Reviews Find free, quality teaching resources…


Skillblox is a tool created by CrowdED Learning in response to the question “What if instead of searching various books and sites for quality content, they were all organized in one place?” This database of content streamlines the process of creating targeted and individualized learning plans (online packets, if you will) for adult education students. It is searchable by CCR standards, and soon TABE 11/12 competencies.

This resource contains digital textbooks, interactive exercises, simulations, and more – all openly licensed. Most of their content is for math, science, and social studies, but there is some for English (writing & spelling) as well. They have very good training and support, including a whole series of recorded webinars available on their site. (Just open the “Explore” tab and choose “Webinars.”)

IET-Related Professional Development Video Resources

Nine videos that provide useful guidance in the design and delivery of integrated education and training from the California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO).

ACES Resource Library: Critical Thinking

The Critical Thinking page from the ACES resource library contains a wide variety of resources to support teachers looking to incorporate the Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) skills into their classroom instruction.

Citizenship Resources

This collection of resources on the ATLAS website provides many resources on teaching citizenship that are relevant to teachers of adult English learners.

Workforce Atlas

Not a course, but a resource that can be used in any career pathways course/program.  Resources include videos, worksheets, templates, and career-specific guides and infographics.  An Implementation Guide is provided for instructors/program staff for effective utilization of the website. || AUTHOR: ProLiteracy and Pearson

Transparency in Learning and Teaching in Higher Ed

Transparency is an important part of creating equitable learning environments in which all students can find success. The Transparency in Learning and Teaching in Higher Ed (TILT) website hosts a useful collection of resources to help teachers better understand what transparent assignments look like and how to start creating them.

Refugee and International Health – MN DHS

This MN Department of Health website contains descriptions of trainings on refugee resettlement offered by the MN DHS, as well as links to informational resources on refugee resettlement in Minnesota and the U.S.

FOOD SAFETY: Ensure you are teaching up-to-date information

Note that the Minnesota Food Code was updated on January 1, 2019.  Some of the curriculum in the ATLAS curriculum resource library may pre-date this updated Code.  Check the major changes to ensure that students are learning current information. For example, the term Certified Food Manager has been changed to Certified Food Protection Manager. 

Project-Based Learning: The Online Resource for PBL

This website contains links to numerous PBL resources, including guides for designing projects, a project library, teaching and learning online strategies, and articles about PBL.

Building Refugee Youth & Children’s Services

The resources posted here include links to webinars, toolkits, and publications designed for educators who are working with refugee families. The resources provide support on topics such as building community, raising children in a new country, and family strengthening across cultures.

Refugee and International Health

This MN Department of Health website contains descriptions of trainings on refugee resettlement offered by the MN DHS, as well as links to informational resources on refugee resettlement in Minnesota and the U.S.

Refugee Resettlement Training and Resources

This MN Department of Human Services website contains descriptions of trainings on refugee resettlement offered by the MN DHS, as well as links to informational resources on refugee resettlement in Minnesota and the U.S.

Refugee Resettlement Program Overviews

This MN Department of Human Services website contains information about refugee resettlement in Minnesota, including arrival statistics, resettlement services, and employment services.

Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

This resource repository contains videos, articles, and handouts on the topic of culturally responsive teaching. The executive director of CCRTL, Dr. Sharroky Hollie, is a nationally recognized leader in the field of culturally responsive education.

Guided Reading Prompts and Questions to Improve Comprehension

This blog post from contains excellent teacher practices and materials that can be adapted for improving reading comprehension at any level. The post includes printable PDFs of a teacher Reading Prompt Booklet, "reading prompt" bookmarks for learners, and guided reading question cards for small-group or independent work. The reading prompts are written for a third grade reading level, which can easily be used with intermediate and advanced adult ESL learners.

New Resources

Making Sense of a Standard

Participants in this workout break apart a given standard into meaningful sections, and articulate the relationship between the content of the sections. They then brainstorm strategies, objectives and learning targets for a given standard.

Comprehension Interview

The Comprehension Interview is an informal tool for asking students about their reading habits, content choices, and use of strategies before, during, or after reading. Although optional, it does inform which strategies need to be taught during limited instructional time.

BADER Comprehension

BADER Comprehension includes graded passages for assessing students’ Mastery Levels (the highest level where they orally answered 75% of text-dependent questions correctly) and determining their Instructional Levels (by adding one).

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Upcoming ABE Events

August 18, 2020 10:00 am–12:00 pm
Literacy Minnesota

How Adult Brains Learn Languages


Registration Deadline: TUES. 8/18/20 Learn what research has to say about how adult brains learn a new language, how trauma and stress impact learning, and how this influences the teaching practices that we use in the language classroom. Participants will leave the webinar with suggestions for ways… Learn More

August 19, 2020 9:00 am–4:00 pm
Literacy Action Network

MN ABE Virtual Summer Institute


Registration Deadline: MON. 8/10/20 ABE Summer Institute is Minnesota’s annual statewide Adult Basic Education conference sponsored by Literacy Action Network.  Due to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to move the conference to an online platform.  This year’s conference will include a… Learn More

August 20, 2020 6:30 pm–8:00 pm
Literacy Minnesota

Remote Tutoring 101


Registration deadline: THU. 8/20/20 Join Literacy Minnesota Adult Basic Education and ESL trainers for a virtual workshop on how to be an effective tutor from a distance! Learn best practices for connecting and communicating one-on-one with adult learners on the phone or online, get suggestions for correcting errors… Learn More