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Heritage Language Resources Hub

This is a massive collection of resources in many languages around the world, put together by LESLLA (Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults). A huge part of translanguaging (which is included in culturally sustaining teaching practices) is providing literacy resources in learners’ home languages. This affirms for students that their languages are an asset on their journey of English learning.

Remember that two foundational beliefs of translanguaging are 1) using all of a learner’s language toolbox in the classroom, and 2) actively working against the false and racist ideology that English is superior to other languages. Therefore, we can get creative about how to tap into learners’ many language assets.

What is special about this collection is that we know it’s a lot easier to find books in Spanish and Arabic, but not always Somali or Quechua. If learners are literate in their home languages, invite them to read a story in their language and have them give a written book report or an oral presentation in English! So many opportunities!