Cultural Competency Resources

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Heritage Language Resources Hub

This is a massive collection of resources in many languages around the world, put together by LESLLA (Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults). A huge part of translanguaging (which is included in culturally sustaining teaching practices) is providing literacy resources in learners' home languages. This affirms for students that their languages are an asset on their journey of English learning.

Problematizing Linguistic Integration of Migrants: The Role of Translanguaging and Language Teachers

In this article, Ofelia García defines translanguaging, gives a fascinating example of an adult language classroom, and redefines traditional teacher roles into 4 new roles: the detective, the co-learner, the builder, and the transformer. She gives us real examples to reflect on and to try in our classrooms.

Translanguaging as an Antiracist Practice

In this recorded webinar, Minnesota adult English teacher Cydnee Sanders and Hamline University Professor Betsy Parrish define translanguaging and give tangible examples teachers can try in their classrooms. There are examples of vocabulary, reading and writing activities, plus some other things to consider in your classroom such as what to do if there is only one speaker of a language.

Translanguaging Guides

One of the leading institutions on translanguaging research and resources is CUNY-NYS. Their whole website is filled with resources, but this webpage brings readers specifically to some of the guides and videos they have made specifically for educators. For those who have more time to dig through longer resources, start with this webpage, which includes writing activities that center translanguaging.

Translangugaing in 15 Minutes

In these two helpful videos, Mike Mena breaks down the theory of translanguaging, which is often confused for code switching, to help us rethink the way we view the hierarchies of languages in the US. These videos are a great place to start if you’re new to translanguaging; or even for those more familiar with the idea, it’s a great refresher to make sure we are understanding this revolutionary theory.