ACES professional learning communities (PLCs) provide teachers with the opportunity to explore and practice integrating transitions (TIF) skills into their lessons, materials and instructional settings; and to work collaboratively with colleagues to reflect on and develop their teaching practice.

  • ACES PLC 1: Focuses on the Effective Communication, Critical Thinking, and Self-Management categories of the TIF.
  • ACES PLC 2: Focuses on the Learning Strategies, Navigating Systems, and Developing a Future Pathway categories of the TIF.

ACES F2F and Hybrid PLCs

ACES PLCs are generally conducted in a face-to-face (F2F) format of three 3-hour meetings. However, Hybrid PLCs are offered to provide more flexible options for professional development around the instruction of transitions skills. These Hybrid PLCs contain much of the same content as the F2F versions, but are conducted through one 3-hour F2F PLC meeting followed by two 2-hour webinar meetings, all facilitated by a trained ACES facilitator.

How do I get involved in an ACES PLC?

ATLAS maintains a list of trained ACES facilitators who can lead a PLC for your program or region. If you’re interested in participating in an ACES PLC, please contact your program manager or Regional Transitions Coordinator.

For ACES PLC facilitators: