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Coaching for Equity Tools

This website by equity coach extraordinaire Elena Aguilar and her team at Bright Morning is full of wonderful tools and resources that can help both teachers and education coaches.

For example, the Equity Rubric is a detailed rubric anyone can use in their classrooms or schools to evaluate several criteria of creating a more equitable classroom. For even more details on how to use the rubric, be sure to purchase Aguilar’s book Coaching for Equity, which is also linked on the webpage.

You don’t have to have an official job as a coach to use her materials. Gather a group of coworkers who are serious about creating a more equitable classroom and follow the rubric or other resources, like the Teacher to Student Interaction Tracking Tool and the Exploring Identity Markers link. The materials are made for k-12 teachers, but adult educators should be able to easily adapt them.