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Adult Career Pathways (ACP) Professional Development

In MN ABE, preparing learners for family-sustaining work is a big part of what we do! We teach transitions or ‘soft’ skills, digital literacy, and of course basic skills such as reading, writing, math and language. All of these key skills are defined in our standards documents (ACES TIF, Northstar, and CCRS), and they are further detailed in our content standards page and the ACES resource library. In addition, in ABE programs throughout the state, these skills are often embedded in a specific career pathway, building students’ skills while preparing them for specific career advancement at the same time.

A number of initiatives at ATLAS assist teachers and administrators in starting or strengthening Adult Career Pathways (ACP) offerings.

ACP Program Development Cohort

Goal: Train and support administrators in developing adult career pathway programming

Key activities:

  • Workshops and webinars focused on best practices in adult career pathways, including partnerships with Workforce, relationships with employers, and recruitment/referral systems
  • Completion of action steps to develop & improve adult career pathway programming
  • Networking with peers via online community of practice
  • Coaching calls
TO APPLY: Download the application form on the APPLICATIONS page >>

ACP Course Design Cohort

Goal: Train and support instructors and curriculum writers in developing or strengthening adult career pathways courses

Key activities:

  • Two-day workshop on best practices in course design
  • ACP course development or enhancement of current ACP course with support of coach and peers
  • Online community of practice
  • Sharing of ACP courses via ATLAS online resource library
TO APPLY: Download the application form on the APPLICATIONS page >>

Contextualized Career-Focused Basic Skills Instruction (CCI)

Goal: Prepare instructors to integrate basic skills instruction with career-focused content

Key activities:

  • Participation in workshops & webinars focused on career-focused contextualized basic skills instruction
  • Development of career-focused unit and lessons
  • Individualized coaching calls 
  • Networking with colleagues via online community of practice

FIND OUT MORE about the CCI cohort and the benefits of contextualized instruction

TO APPLY: Download the application form on the APPLICATIONS page >>

ACP Resource Library

The Adult Career Pathways (ACP) curriculum library is designed as a resource for ABE administrators and instructors as they develop ACP programming. Programs can use these resources to build on the practice of others in the field and avoid starting from scratch for curriculum design. Each curriculum has been reviewed, and the library entry includes a useful quick-reference overview for the user.