Administrator/Manager Webinar Series

Based on input from the Administrator PD Advisory Team, ATLAS offers a webinar series for MN Adult Education administrators and managers throughout the year. Topics vary and are determined by the Advisory Team.

  • Mon. 10/11/21: Administrator Webinar #1 – So How’s It Goin’ Out There? Supporting & Supervising Staff at a Distance
  • Tue. 11/9/21: Administrator Webinar #2 – Building the Ship While Sailing It! Learning Models: How to Make Decisions and Shift as a System
  • Wed. 2/23/22: Administrator Webinar #3 – Where Shall We Begin? Planning and Budgeting for the Coming Year
  • Wed. 4/22/22: Administrator Webinar #4 – It’s a Big Job: Rethinking Hiring Practices in Adult Education (part of Spring 2022 Virtual Conference)

NOTE: These webinars are not long enough to qualify for administrator CEUs; however, ATLAS provides teacher CEUs for each webinar in the series.

For information on upcoming webinars, check the Events calendar.

All administrator webinars are archived in this playlist on the MN ABE PD YouTube Channel.