Language & Literacy Institute

The Language & Literacy Institute is a two-day, intensive training that takes place in late January each year. The event brings together ESL, reading, and writing teachers to collaborate with and learn from one another.

With the advent of the CCRS (College & Career Readiness Standards), a new emphasis on academic language, and continued attention to transitions skills across all levels as defined in the Transitions Integration Framework (TIF), the Language & Literacy Institute provides one way to address the persistent professional divide in our field between ESL and ABE, and to leverage the many assets adult educators bring to our work.

CCR Standards

The Institute offers intensive workshops on language, reading, writing and literacy instruction, as well as the CCR (College & Career Readiness) English Language Arts (ELA) standards, including the Reading and Writing Standards and Key Instructional Shifts. It provides one of the primary opportunities during the year for practitioners to attend the full-day, face-to-face CCRS ELA Foundations workshop – always the best choice for this training!

NOTE: CCRS Foundations is a prerequisite for a program to participate in the CCRS Implementation Cohort, and also in order to offer the Statewide Standard Adult Diploma credential.

Conference Format

To provide opportunities to explore literacy topics in more depth while also accommodating the desire to attend workshops on multiple topics, the Institute offers both 3-hour and 90-minute sessions. Note that CCRS ELA Foundations (described above) is a full-day workshop.

Travel Scholarships

We are pleased to offer travel scholarships for mileage and hotel to those traveling more than 50 miles one-way to the conference. Contact ATLAS Operations Manager Marisa Squadrito Geisler with any questions.

Check the Events calendar for upcoming dates and information!