One-Room Schoolhouse Online Group

If you teach or manage in multi-level, multi-subject, unpredictable, and/or drop-in settings, then this dynamic community of practice is for you! The group was established to connect practitioners working in these kinds of settings, and it serves as a forum for discussion as well as a hub for announcements, resources, and webinar and in-person event information. The discussion and collaboration generated through the One-Room Schoolhouse group has helped ABE practitioners across Minnesota and even led to additional professional development sessions and resources.

You can join the overall Minnesota Adult Education network and then join any groups that interest you, or directly join the One-Room Schoolhouse group (which will automatically make you a member of the network and prompt you to set up your profile).

Join Minnesota Adult Education on Mighty Networks:

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  2. Check out the Welcome! Start Here message to get oriented
  3. Set up your profile, including your primary role in MN Adult Ed
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Join the One-Room Schoolhouse group directly:

  1. Go to the direct join link
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your profile (see above)
  3. Configure your settings to send notifications; this will keep you updated on ongoing discussions!
  4. Check out this MN ABE Connect article for additional information on Mighty Networks