Writing Study Circle

This professional learning activity allows Adult Education teachers to dig deeply into resources related to writing instruction and then implement key strategies with their students. Study circle participants engage in both at-home reading and reflective classroom tasks that inform and deepen discussions and allow for maximum professional growth. The study circle meetings are an opportunity to connect with colleagues in a highly supportive and collaborative space to talk about what is working and what challenges exist around teaching writing to adult learners.


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the three kinds of writing from the Pyramid of Writing Priorities (Dave Stuart, Jr.)
  • Strengthen understanding of how writing at all levels and in all content areas helps to develop students’ reasoning and communication skills
  • Learn some concrete routines/strategies and increase the frequency with which they integrate the routines/strategies into all levels and contexts
  • See the value in prioritizing the process of writing rather than the final product
  • Connect with fellow ABE practitioners and create a supportive environment that fosters well-being for ourselves, our students, and our workplaces

Time frame and format

The study circle comprises 4 meetings of 3 hours each. It was designed to be delivered in a hybrid format, with 2 in-person meetings and 2 online meetings; however, it may also be offered entirely online.

Benefits of participation

Participants earn 20 CEUs plus a $125 stipend for completing all the requirements for a study circle, including attendance at all 4 meetings. Priority for slots is given to current paid staff of MN Adult Education programs.

Here is what some of our participants have said about their experience:

  • “I was very excited to be able to participate in this study circle and am thrilled that writing instruction is becoming a key focus of ABE/ESL. Knowing how to write and being able to write well is a skill that will provide opportunities and career advancements for our students. It is also probably the most important skill that we can teach our students who hope to go on to college and advanced degrees. Therefore, I believe that having these conversations about writing are critical to the overall success of Adult ELL/ABE programs and students.”
  • “I am leaving this study circle with concrete ideas and strategies for teaching writing. I specifically appreciate the discussions on using rubrics and how to evaluate progress in writing.”
  • “The workload was manageable and we were provided with materials well before each webinar. I have ideas that I can turn into staff development goals for next year.”

Interested in participating in a study circle?

  • Watch the Events Calendar and the MN ABE Connect newsletter to find out when this study circle is being offered.
  • You are also welcome to contact your program manager, who can connect with ATLAS to see if we can offer it in your locale!