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PBS LearningMedia for Science

PBS LearningMedia provides a suite of resources on a broad variety of topics – from science to social studies, to health and professional development. As an added bonus, educators can search for materials by both subject and grade level, further specifying which resource is best suited for a classroom.


  • Save & Organize Resources
  • Sync with Google Classroom
  • Practices and Nature of Science Subtopics:
    • Asking Questions
    • Systems Thinking
    • Developing and Using Models
    • Planning and Carrying Out Investigations
    • Analyzing and Interpreting Data
    • Constructing Explanations
    • Arguing from Evidence
    • Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information
    • Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking
    • Scientific Worldview
    • The Scientific Enterprise
    • Bias in Science
    • Science, Technology, and Society